Malibu Classic Longboard

This is a BENNETT long board.

I can also deliver to you for a reasonable delivery fee if transport is an issue.

I am negotiable for hiring on a weekly or monthly basis too.

A. Single Fin Longboards.
The modern day single fin has retained all the good points of the 1960’s shapes and culled the bad points. Making way for a board with added turning / trimming ability and less weight for further increases in performance. Wider nose templates permit more stable noseriding while in most cases the fin box has permitted the surfer to change fin shapes, lengths and profiles to best suit conditions, also an added bonus when travelling on planes etc. fin can be totally removed.

The single fin design is the easiest to surf and with less fin resistance than the more progressive 3 fin designs is actually quicker in trimming, also assisted by a usually flatter rocker or bottom curve than the three fin setup. If turned hard enough from the tail it may spin out.

The modern day single fin with its softer rails is directed towards surfers who want the most traditional characteristics out of a modern day board – typical lengths range from 9’1” through to 10’0” or so, occasionally even up to 11 and 12 feet!

Size: 10 foot - 3.0 metres

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