Mision Surf Mexico

We are a social impact project on a misson.

Hotel - Surf School - Camping - Yoga

Mision Surf is Chiapas’ first surf club and hotel. A place for you to relax and enjoy the local surf and culture, whilst knowing your stay will be helping to make a difference to the lives of children and young adults in Chiapas. https://www.misionsurfmexico.com

It has been developed by Mision Mexico with the aim to showcase our beautiful natural resources and our rich culture. http://lovelifehope.com Mision Mexico is a children’s refuge located in Tapachula where abused, abandoned and orphaned children have been cared for by a team of very dedicated people since 2001.

Mision Surf was born out of Mision Mexico’s passion for the ocean, but beyond perfect waves and warm days, Mision Surf is a business with a difference.

Youth Employability | Education Program | Women and Children's Empowerment

Misión Surf was designed to become self-sustainable, provide training and work opportunities for our young adults, generate surf tourism within the community, and provide a platform for the children and women of the local impoverished community to encourage empowerment through educational and cultural workshops.

​Misión Surf Mexico works alongside the residents of the community, providing job opportunities, free arts and education projects as well as the creation of local sporting facilities.

All in all, Misión Surf is a one of a kind initiative aimed to not only provide a unique experience to our guests but also to create a platform with opportunities of employment and income for Misión Mexico’s children, and opportunities of education and the practice of safe and healthy activities for our local community.

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