Cross Country Swim Adventure with a RuckRaft

The Ultimate Adventure is Cross Country Swimming!

The RuckRaft is a simple, portable two-piece kit to transform all your gear into a raft you can easily tow while swimming. It is light, tough, practical and all designed, tested and made in the UK exclusively by AboveBelow®.

Purpose-built to carry anything you need, anywhere. The streamlined design and superior buoyancy mean the RuckRaft® glides across the water with minimum drag, even when fully loaded.

Built from tough, marine-grade materials with dependable clips and straps. And definitely no zips (always the first thing to degrade, especially around saltwater, sand, grit etc).

And it all packs down into a small, 1Kg package to fit easily into any daysack.

The RuckRaft® has buoyancy to support a full 70L, 15kg three-day expedition pack and packs down to a lightweight 1kg package that is 25cm wide, 12.5cm diameter (the size of a rolled up beach towel with trunks in).

Model: RuckRaft
Optional extras: Ask about our Kayaks for rent
Size: 25cm

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