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The Fijian Surf Company was born in 1995 in the back yard of a Nadi house, which was known then as Viti Surf Legend (VSL). Being the first local surf company to establish in Fiji, it was inevitable that we were going to shape and mold the future of Fijian Surfing as pioneers.

Our main objective is to develop, promote, and encourage surfing amongst our people, so that we have a better understanding of this exciting sport. Surfing is not just a sport but a lifestyle that has a profound effect on culture and society.

Fijian Surf was established by a small group of core Fijian surfers who have the passion, commitment, and vision to introduce an authentic Fijian surf brand that we can be proud to call our own. We represent the pure values of the surfing culture that originated hundreds of years ago in the Pacific. Legend has it that surfing was discovered being practiced in the outer Islands by traders and sailors in the early 1900's who visited our shores after passing through Hawaii. They mentioned that Fijians were riding the waves similar to the Hawaiians, but more women in Fiji were seen to be surfing then men.

With this in mind, the Fijian Surf Company is dedicated to the overall positive growth of surfing in Fiji. We will be the back-bone of our local surfing communities and competitions. Producing some of the finest surfers to bless our shores and therefore keeping the lost art of Fijian Surfing alive!

Fiji will forever entice surfers to its shores as it is surrounded by perfect reef break waves, excellent wind conditions, and favorable tides. It's warm, it's tropical, and it's just perfect. The islands are renowned by world class surfers as having some of the best and most powerful waves in the world. Fiji is uniquely architectured by the third largest barrier reef in the world. For years the islands have been host to a number of international surfing competitions like the Globe Pros, Roxy Fiji Pros, and Red Bull Events. It has seen a number of international surfing stars, among them: Kelly Slater, Layne Beachly, Andy and Bruce Irons, Taj Burrows, and Rochelle Ballard, each making their mark on the international surfing scene.

"One of the most perfect waves that I have ever surfed." - Ten time world champion Kelly Slater, who claimed the inaugural Globe WCT Fiji title in six-to-eight foot left hand waves at Restaurants, Tavarua.

As an exotic destination with pristine beaches with most locations only accessible via boat, Fiji has earned its trademark in the world surfing circuit as having some of the best offshore reef breaks. With the exception of the Sigatoka Sand Dunes located on the mainland of Viti Levu, this area is a significant agrological site that links some of the discoveries made to early Fijian civilization. The sand dunes distinct break is dependent on the silt brought down by rainfall from the Sigatoka river mouth transforming the waves to break on the dunes. Not only are the Sand Dunes renowned for its wave consistency but this exceptional break offers a perfect alternative to reef breaks.

For more challenging breaks try out the infamous Namotu Lefts, Cloudbreak, and Restaurants. Cloudbreak and Restaurants are set over shallow reef off Tavarua Island and are characterized by their long, fast barreling lefts. Both breaks provide the perfect surfing elements that make for World Championship tours like the Globe Pros and Roxy Fiji Pros. These are excellent waves to ride for the truly advanced surfer and have recently been opened up to all surfers.

"Cloudbreak is just a killer of a break with huge barrels and clean, open wave faces - it's all we can ask for, but on top of that, we get the best tropical location - all in all, perfect." - 2001 World Champion and Globe Team Rider C.J. Hobgood.

It's never been a better time to find a new wave. With his experience, knowledge, and resources, Ian knows that there are waves just waiting to be discovered. If you are lucky enough Ian may even take you to one of his secret spots!

"Because of my surf tours, I have been to more of Fiji than a lot of other surfers. I have found 40 or so odd waves throughout Fiji, so I have a lot of secret spots. There are more possibilities and opportunities that are waiting to be stumbled upon." - Ian Muller.

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