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Ecotekk is a sustainable, commercial enterprise committed to Reducing energy and environmental costs across a variety of areas. By using a multi-disciplinary approach Ecotekk seeks to provide sustainability based education, training and alternatives.

Ecotekk's CEO - Darren Walters drives this vision of sustainability through his participation as Board member on the following Noosa Community Groups: The Noosa Community Biosphere Association, Camber of Commerce Noosa, Cleantech Industries Sunshine Coast, ZEN - Zero Emissions Noosa (Transport & Electricity), Noosaville Business Association, Tewantin Traders Association. He is passionate in helping Noosa work towards carbon-neutrality by 2026.Noosa Electric Bike Logo

His biggest solo venture so far is Noosa Electric Bikes - Electric Bike Hire/Tours & Sales.

Ecotekk seeks to promote sustainability based initiatives in three different ways:

1) Providing consultation for businesses that seek to reduce their environmental impacts, costs and emissions.
2) Developing innovative options and alternatives that minimise the environmental impact of existing services in areas such as tourism and recreation, with a long-term goal of improving sustainability across all sectors.
3) Partnering with environmental conservation and sustainability organisations to provide and assist in community based solutions and initiatives that reduce energy and environmental costs.

Ecotekk recognises that sustainability is not only necessary to preserve a quality of life for future generations, but also provides benefits in the present, to communities and businesses alike through cost reduction and community health improvement. Ecotekk seeks to become a leading voice in the sustainability movement and has ambitions of providing sustainable alternatives and options to all.

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